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Registration for Intermediate/Junior 80's (13 yr olds), Junior 90's (14 yr olds), and Seniors (15-16 yr olds) is now open.

Upper Division is designated for players ages 13-16 years old. As in years past, Pleasanton Little Leagues — Pleasanton Foothill LL and Pleasanton LL (formerly Pleasanton American and Pleasanton National) — will combine for all Upper Division levels.

Team Tryouts

Upper Division tryouts are only for players signing up to be on a Gold team.

Intermediate (13U) Gold is on Dec 2nd

  • Arrive 1:30pm for warm-up; tryout starts pormptly at 2pm

Junior (14U) Gold is on Dec 2nd   

  • Arrive 2:30pm for warm-up; tryout starts pormptly at 3pm


$400 for Intermediate & Junior House teams.  Managed by volunteers.

$900 for Intermediate & Junior Gold teams.  Gold teams are managed by volunteers like House teams however, PFLL pays TPC for periodic coaching, on-site lessons, and on-the-field training.  This is a chance for years prior.

Our Goal

Our Upper Division is committed to getting players ready to compete and play at the high school level, if they so choose. Our coaches will provide advanced training to help players continue to develop and enhance their love of the game.

Levels of Play

Intermediate 13U House Teams:

This is an exciting introduction to real baseball and open to all 13 year olds. Players are required to tryout and be selected by draft. Games are played throughout District 57 so there is a little travel required. The first part of the season is played at the 50/70 field dimensions: 50-foot pitching distance and 70-foot bases. Later games will be played throughout the district on 80-foot diamonds. This will be most players’ first experience with leading off, steals, holding runners on, balks, etc. There is free substitution, and continuous batting order. Teams usually play two games per week, one during the week, usually Tuesday or Thursday and one on Saturday. Pleasanton Upper Division will work to host a season ending, 4 team TOC that has had good Pleasanton representation for the last two seasons. House team managers will select up to 4 players from their teams to tryout for the All-Star team that has 2 opportunities to play in the Intermediate LL World Series that is played in Livermore.


Intermediate 13U Gold Team(s):

This is a highly competitive level for 13 year olds that starts at the 50/70 field size and moves to the 54/80 field mid-season. All players at the House and Gold levels go through the same tryout process with the players that are interested in playing at this level being considered for this team. There are 3 games per week, usually one on Wednesday and doubleheaders on Saturdays throughout District 57 with occasional Saturday games outside the district.  Gold level players are all eligible to tryout for the All-Star team although participation on this regular season team is not a guarantee of making All-Stars.  Note:  There is an extra cost of $500 for GOLD team participation.  


Junior 14U House and Gold Teams:

This is the next step for most players age 14, although 13 year olds are welcome to play at this level if they prefer. Only players wanting to play on the Gold team need to tryout. The entire season is played on 60’6”/90’ fields around District 57 with the possibility of the Gold team playing outside the district for occasional Saturday games. House teams play two games per week with the gold level team(s) playing 3 per week, double headers on Saturdays. This regular season does conflict with the High School baseball season. There are provisions for your High School player to join the Little League program after their HS season is over, please contact your home league Upper Division representative to discuss the details.  Note:  There is an extra cost of $500 for GOLD team participation.  


Senior League Teams:


The Senior division is open to 15 and 16 year olds. This level is comprised of two separate seasons, both played throughout and slightly beyond District 57 boundaries.
    1) Senior Premier season (for non-high school players which runs from March to mid-May)
    2) Senior Gold season (for all players which begins after the high school baseball season and runs from late-May to mid-June).

The Senior Premier season runs concurrent with regular Little League schedules but ends sooner to allow for the addition of the Senior Gold level season that packs a good number of games in just a few weeks. Premier players are able to play in each season, with the Senior Gold season being a bit more competitive with the high school players participating. Managers will select players to try out for the All-Star team to represent Pleasanton in the post season.