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PATELCO SPORTS COMPLEX (7001 Pleasanton Ave)



Saturday, January 13, 2018

AA, AAA and MAJORS:  9:30am - 11:30am

Must Haves:  

  • Tennis shoes, Turf shoes or non-metal Baseball cleats (NO METAL SPIKES)

  • Baseball Attire (pants, hat, protective cup)

  • Official Little League Bat

  • Batting Helmet

  • Glove

  • Bottle of Water


For those who have not gone through the evaluation process, more detailed information is below.  Please read carefully.  If you have any questions, please contact the player agent.


What happens at the evaluations? 

PFLL uses a player evaluation process to determine appropriate skill level. Only players who are paid registrants will be allowed to participate in the tryouts. All players are given an identification number to attach to the back of their shirts. 

Players will move to a warm up area and subsequently rotate through each station until all players have completed each station.  


  1. Live Hitting

  2. Fielding & Throwing

  3. Pitching

  4. Base Running / Speed


Notes:  Please arrive no later than 20 minutes prior to your player's scheduled session.  Sessions will vary in duration based on the number of players attending.  Parents, please plan on arriving 20 minutes prior to the posted end of the session.  Also, your child should either know your mobile number or have that number left at the registration table.

In the warm-up area, players find partners to throw balls and loosen arms. When evaluators are ready for players, they will be instructed to move to a station.  Players must listen to coaches. 

A brief, full-group warm-up period will precede each evaluation session.

I volunteered to coach. Does my player need to attend evaluations?

Yes.  For those volunteers that HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED to teams by the Managers' Representative:  Players of managers/coaches that do not attend evaluations will be automatically slotted in the 1st/2nd draft positions for their teams.


What if it rains or I can’t make the scheduled tryout day?

Inclement weather could push December evaluations back one week pending venue availability.  Inclement weather during January make-up evaluations may necessitate a mid-week evaluation pending venue availability.

What if a player can’t participate in the tryouts due to an injury?

A player who is physically unable to participate at tryouts due to a temporary injury (broken arm, sprained ankle, illness, etc.) must contact the player agent. 

What happens after evaluations?

Evaluation results are made available to division managers, ONLY, after Make Up Evals in January. Scores are NOT released to parents or families.

Teams will be drafted the third week of January; managers will contact players upon finalizing rosters.

Practices begin in February.