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Health Tips for Players

With youth baseball season underway, PFLL has partnered with ValleyCare Health System to provide you with medical expert advice on what parents and coaches need to know in order to keep their player's healthy and prevent injuries throughout the season.

Arm & Shoulder Strengthening:

Muscular imbalance, weakness, or fatigue can lead to excessive stresses, altered mechanics, and eventually tissue breakdown and injury. . . . Many injuries can be prevented . . . ValleyCare offers an injury prevention program. To read more about "Arm & Shoulder Strengthening," please click here! Article by, Pat Aguiar, PT, DPT, CSCS at ValleyCare. Background in athletics with primary interest in sport specific rehabilitation. 

Core Strength With Pitching:

Most exercises recommended to pitchers focus solely on the shoulder . . . however, maintaining a strong core is essential to decreasing the amount of stress put through the shoulder. To read more on core strength with pitching, please click here! Article by, Cheryl Barnes, practicing outpatient orthopedics/sports medicine physical therapy at Valley Care

Pre-Season Conditioning:

Preparation for the baseball season means more than just grabbing your glove and heading outside to play catch! In baseball the overhead throwing motion, rotational forces of hitting and the quick explosive motions of the game can all lead to potential injury. A comprehensive conditioning strategy should be put in place during the pre-season. Click here to read more! Article by, Craig Klass, PT, specializing in sports medicine and orthopedic injury rehabilitation at Valley Care.  

Little League Elbow:

With baseball season in full swing, young pitchers need to be monitored to ensure they stay healthy throughout the season. Care of the young throwers elbow is essential to prevent injury to the growth center and to prevent long-term damage. Click here to learn about what it is, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and necessary rest periods between pitching!  Article by, Christy Boyd, MD, Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialist at ValleyCare's Wellness Facility.