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Registration Guidelines
T-ball through Majors

Registration for the 2018 season closes on 1/31 for Tee Ball and Farm. Upper levels are now completed. Please review and use the following guidelines when registering your player for the upcoming season of baseball.

Key Dates for 2018 Season:

  • January 27 - Players clinic for Single A - Majors.
  • January 31 -  Coaches receive team rosters, all levels
  • February 1 - mid Feb: Coaches reach out to families, set up practice schedules
  • February 3 - Coaches Clinic at Foothill HS, 10-12, Room C6
  • March 3 - Opening day, Games begin
  • May 18 - Regular Season ends for Tball-Single A. 
  • May 19 - June 1 Playoffs for AA - Majors
  • June 2 - Closing ceremonies and Homerun Derby

Before you register, please ensure that your address falls within the PFLL Boundaries. You may do so by clicking here.


T-ball All 4-5 year olds must play T-ball. 6 year olds should play T-ball if it is their first year of organized baseball or they are in kindergarten, as it is the appropriate peer group.
6 year olds in the first grade who played T-ball last season should play Farm. 7 year olds who are playing their first season of organized baseball should also play Farm.

7 and 8 year olds who played Farm or in the old “Single A – Black” division last season should advance to Single A.

8 year olds who played in the old “Single A – Red” division last season should participate in the Minors Evaluation. If they are not selected to an AA team via the draft, they will play a second season in Single A.
AA 8 year olds will play in AA if they are chosen in the AA Draft.
9 and 10 year olds who are not selected in the AAA Draft will play AA.
AAA 9 and 10 year olds who are selected in the AAA draft will play AAA.
11 year olds who are not selected in the Majors draft will play AAA.
Majors 11 year olds should participate in the Majors evaluation and will play in that division if they are selected in the Majors draft.
12 year olds must participate in the Majors evaluation and will play in that division unless the family requests a waiver to play in AAA. 



Please note that the AA, AAA, and Majors teams are chosen via the draft following player evaluations. Most divisions, beginning with Single-A, will be two year stops for each player. Our goal is for the first year in the division to be a year to learn and develop by playing with more experienced and skilled players, while the second year will offer the player an opportunity to be a leader and develop at positions they might not otherwise be able to play if they advanced divisions each year.

Some youth sports, basketball for instance, group kids based on grade. For safety reasons, Little league groups kids based on skill, not age or grade. Understand that this means that occasionally a player may be on a team with players that are two or three years different in age. In all cases, managers will place all players in positions to succeed with safety and player development the utmost concerns.

The evaluations offer the only opportunity for all of the managers to judge a player’s skill set. Since evaluations take place at a time in which many kids are focusing on sports other than baseball, we strongly encourage the players to practice prior to evaluations. If the evaluation is the first time your child picks up a mitt and a bat in months, he will likely not perform to his full ability, and therefore, may not be drafted into the division he would like to play or you deem appropriate. However, because teams are chosen through a draft process, there is no recourse if a player is not drafted into the division in which he would like to play. For fairness purposes, post-draft moves will not be allowed, so again, please practice with your child prior to evaluations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact , PFLL Player Agent.