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Gold Team Evaluations 


Gold Team Evaluations for Intermediates & Juniors will be held on December 2nd at the new Patelco fields off of Bernal. All players interested in Gold level teams need to attend the evaluations but we would like to have all Intermediate and Junior level players participate. Catchers should bring their gear, however, we will have catcher’s gear available if necessary.

·        1:30 – 3:00pm            Intermediate 80's  (13U)           

·        2:30pm – 4:00pm        Junior 90's   (14U)                     


Note: Only players who are paid registrants will be allowed to participate in the tryouts.

The Process

The Upper Division Evaluation is for players that are Little League age 13 - 16.

Players will be evaluated on defensive fielding skills, throwing, hitting, speed, and agility. Pitchers and catchers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skill level. Pitchers should be able to pitch from the stretch and be aware of the concept of holding a runner. If they have never pitched from the stretch, they will need to notify the evaluators. Catchers will be evaluated on throwing to bases, footwork, and catching ability. Players will be evaluated on all aspects of their respective positions comparative to the high school level.

** 13 year olds that desire to play 90's should evaluate during both sessions. If the desire is to play 90's house over 80's gold, they should communicate to the evaluators at check-in time.

The Gold Teams - What Evaluators Are Looking For

Conducting tryouts and deciding who makes certain teams is a very difficult process and we will do our best to put the best teams on the field to represent Pleasanton. We want to make sure the process is as transparent as possible; however, individual players or evaluation scores will not discussed once teams are announced. Every player will be given the opportunity to make the Gold team.

Qualities evaluators will be looking for include:

1) ATTITUDE: Our coaching and playing philosophies puts attitude as the key ingredient for having a successful team. Coaches would rather work with a player with a good work ethic and positive attitude than a person with exceptional skills that demonstrates poor sportsmanship and is not willing to learn. Baseball is a team sport.

2) ABILITY: There are six key areas that players are being rated. They are:

1. Short Distance Running

2. Catching

3. Throwing

4. Hitting

5. Overall Knowledge of the Game

3) POTENTIAL: Athletes develop at different rates. Some players demonstrate marginal abilities, but have exceptional talent. Evaluators will be looking at a player’s potential, but it will not count as much as attitude and ability.


Please contact go to the Board Home Page and find the Upper Division Coordinator